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07th Jun 2018

Real Madrid have just spent €45 million on a 17-year-old

He'll move to the club when he turns 18

Wayne Farry

You could buy 22 and a half Michus for that sort of money

Real Madrid don’t currently have a manager, having said goodbye to Zinedine Zidane last week. But they’re not the sort of club that allows such trivialities as managers to get in the way of their business.

For a team like Real Madrid, the only thing that would stop them doing business is if all of their money burned to a cinder and frankly, that won’t happen any time soon.

Evidence of this exact fact came today after news was announced that the Spanish giants had spent €45 million on a 17-year-old human.

That human in question is Rodrygo, a forward who has made just 11 appearances for Brazilian Serie A side Santos and four for the Brazil under-17 side.

According to Marca, the deal was agreed last week in a move which will see Rodrygo make his way to Spain when turns 18 on January 9, 2019.

The deal resembles that which will see Rodrygo’s compatriot Vinicius Junior move from Flamengo to Madrid for the same total fee. Though Vinicius had been widely expected to also move when he turned 18, AS has reported that he may well end up moving to the club this July.