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05th Jun 2024

PSG refuse to pay Kylian Mbappe £70m in unpaid wages and bonuses

Callum Boyle

Kylian Mbappe

Mbappe’s relationship with PSG ended on a sour note

Paris Saint-Germain have reportedly not paid Kylian Mbappe’s wages and bonuses for three months of the year.

Mbappe finally completed his move to Real Madrid this summer, signing a five-year deal after his contract at PSG expired.

His final year at the French giants was turbulent to say the least after being expelled from the first team squad at the start of the season following his announcement to say that he wouldn’t be signing a new deal.

According to L’Equipe, the reality of losing their star player for nothing hit PSG hard and in order to not “lose face in this matter”, have withheld almost £70m in unpaid salaries.

The report claimed that the Parisians refused to pay Mbappe’s salary for April and May as well as his bonus in February. Back in November, RMC Sport revealed that Mbappe was only allowed to return from his early-season exile if he didn’t take the bonuses he was owed.

They also stated that PSG initially gave him an ultimatum in which they said he could only return to the first team if he signed a new contract.

PSG are also unlikely to pay his salary for June – the last month he is officially under contract at the Parc des Princes – and if the matter is left unresolved it could result in legal action being taken.

Mbappe accuses club of ‘speaking with violence’

Mbappe is currently in Metz with the French squad preparing for their Euros campaign but when asked about the way his final year at PSG ended, the 25-year-old didn’t hold back.

He said: “They made me understand that I wouldn’t play for PSG, at the club they told me violently to my face.

“There’s a lot of pressure, but it’s just football and there are more serious things in life. I’ve always had this education of not coming to cry.

“I get paid handsomely to play football and do what I am passionate about, while some get up to go to a factory and do backbreaking work.

“I keep saying that what I went through I wouldn’t wish on anyone, so I find it inappropriate to come and complain when I see what’s going on. There are much worse things in the world.

‘It’s a big relief, I’m very happy, I think you can see it in my face. I played a lot less at the end of the season and everyone knows why. It’s like that – you have to adapt when you’re a high-level player.”

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