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03rd Mar 2018

Nothing to see here, just Paul McShane doing snow angels in his underwear

Brave man

Ben Kiely

Paul McShane is made of tougher stuff than most.

McShane doesn’t need much of an excuse to strip down to his delicates. That much is clear.

The Republic of Ireland defender famously donned tri-clour undies to commemorate St Patrick’s Day many moons ago. (Thankfully, no moons were visible in the photo).

If you think that a bit of snow would put the Reading defender off stripping down to his underwear, you would be dead wrong.

McShane capitalised on the bitterly cold conditions that Storm Emma/ the Beast from the East brought to recover from a tough gym session. He uploaded a story to his Instagram account showing him doing snow angels wearing nothing but his underwear.

“This is how you recover from a gym sesh” was the caption he went for.

That may be how you recover from a gym session, McShane, but we think we’ll stick to the ice baths for now. We are, after all, just mere mortals. We don’t have the mettle to brave the harsh elements like that.