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19th Jun 2018

Patrice Evra: “When Cristiano invites you for lunch at his house, just say no”

The Frenchman was not impressed at all

Wayne Farry

This is quite the warning from the Frenchman

Patrice Evra has told told fellow pundits on ITV’s 2018 FIFA World Cup podcast that if you are invited over to Cristiano Ronaldo’s house, you should say no.

The West Ham United defender, who played alongside Ronaldo at Old Trafford, told fellow guests on the broadcaster’s podcast that he was left hugely unsatisfied after the invite, and that the Portuguese star was more keen to train than to eat.

“He said, ‘Patrice, come over after training.’ I went. You know I was really tired, [and] at the table there was only salad and plain white chicken so I was like, okay – and water – not any juice,” Evra said. “And we started eating and I was thinking some big meat would be coming after that but there was nothing.”

“He just finished and he stood up and he started playing with a ball, doing some skills and he said, ‘Let’s do some two-touch’.”

On the same podcast, Evra also recounted a tale of just how competitive Ronaldo is, even off the pitch, using a story about the time the Real Madrid lost a game of table tennis to former Manchester United centre-back Rio Ferdinand.

“They were playing table tennis and Rio beat him and we were all screaming and Ronaldo was so upset,” Evra revealed. “He trained for two weeks at home and he came back and he beat Rio in front of everyone. That’s Cristiano Ronaldo.”