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26th Oct 2021

Man Utd’s problems perfectly explained by 10-year-old fan

Callum Boyle

Get her on the next Super Sunday

We’ve all got our opinions on just how bad Manchester United have been this season, but nobody seems to have put it much better than this 10-year-old fan.

While high-profile pundits often try to dodge and avoid the questions surrounding the true issues at Old Trafford, this young supporter has hit the nail on the head.

After watching her side fall to an embarrassing 5-0 defeat, she spoke to YouTube channel the United View, where she explained just exactly what is wrong with her side, which is now looking worse off with a better squad.

She said: “We’ve got Ronaldo, we’ve got Sancho, who he didn’t even put on even though we paid millions for him.

“We’ve got Fernandes who did brilliantly last season and if you think about it, Liverpool, they beat Watford 5-0 last week and we’re nothing like Watford.

“We’ve got much better players than Watford but yet we still can’t beat Liverpool like that.”

The passionate supporter then went on to question whether the players are taking on board what manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is asking of them, or whether Solskjaer is even asking them in the first place.

“It’s either Ole’s telling them to do something and they’re just not doing it, which I doubt because you could see the frustration in Ronaldo’s face when he kicked him.

“Or he’s saying yeah it’s fine, we just lost against Liverpool. We even struggled to beat Atalanta. Atalanta!”

You can’t knock any of the comments she’s made, she’s absolutely right.

With the abundance of talent at United’s disposal, they should be at least putting up a fight against their big rivals, especially if they have ambitions of being involved in a title race.

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