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27th May 2018

Loris Karius breaks his silence following Champions League embarrassment

This makes Jermaine Pennant's comment so much worse

Ben Kiely

You’ve got feel sorry for Loris Karius.

Loris Karius doesn’t need anyone telling him how dreadful his performance in the Champions League final was. The Liverpool goalkeeper is well aware that wasn’t his finest hour.

He gifted Madrid their opener. When he attempted to roll the ball out, he mistakenly threw it right into the path of Karim Benzema’s outstretched leg. The ball ricocheted off the Frenchman’s boot and rolled into the back of the net.

While there wasn’t much he could do to keep out Gareth Bale’s bicycle kick, he made another howler to let the Welsh native secure a brace. Karius let Bale’s shot from distance slip right through his fingers and into the net. After the final whistle blew, he pleaded the fans for forgiveness.

However, some folks weren’t ready to forgive Karius for the blunders. One of the most notable critics of Karius was former Red Jermaine Pennant.


Karius broke his silence through social media on Sunday evening. Unsurprisingly, he let fans know that he hasn’t been getting much sleep following the loss to Madrid.

He added that he was ‘infinitely sorry’ to his teammates, the fans and staff working at the club. Although he made it known that he is broken up by his performance, he vowed to bounce back stronger. Check out his statement in full below.