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19th Jun 2021

Hungary pull out ‘celebration of the tournament’ after opener against France

Charlie Herbert

Strong Temuri Ketsbaia vibes.

Hungary’s Attila Fiola has probably done the celebration of the tournament after he opened the scoring for his side against world champion’s France.

Hungary took a shock lead over the tournament favourites just before half time, and in front of a packed-out, fiercely passionate Hungarian crowd of over 50,000 in Budapest, it seemed like no one could contain themselves as emotions ran high.

So after scoring the biggest goal of your life, what do you? Attack a nearby desk of course.

As Fiola slotted home for the Hungarians he ran off in screaming delight, leaping over the barrier at the side of the pitch, and attacking the items on the desk of a nearby reporter.

She didn’t seem to mind though, and just looked stunned at the bizarre antics of the defenders. You’ve got to love a good angry celebration.

The WWE-vibes didn’t go unnoticed by fans either.

Hope he didn’t break anything valuable.

Of course, it has nothing on the most iconic angry celebration of them all. That title belongs to Temuri Ketsbaia, who scored a last-minute winner for Newcastle in 1996 before kicking the advertising hoardings by the side of the pitch and pushing his teammates away from him.

Truly iconic.