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19th Jun 2018

QUIZ: How many of the captains playing in this year’s World Cup can you name?

You have ten minutes

Reuben Pinder

You’ve had a round of games to learn all the players

The first round of group games is over. Went quickly, didn’t it? If you’re a true die hard fan and have watched every game, you will have had time to learn more about the smaller nations with lesser known players. You may have also learned that Rafa Marquez is still playing football. I know, mental.

Most nations have a star player or two, and quite a few duds, such is the beauty of international football. Those stars are not always their team’s captain though. We want you to name the captain of every nation taking part at this year’s World Cup, except for Brazil – their policy to share the armband around means they don’t have a permanent captain.

You have ten minutes. Good luck.