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31st May 2018

FIFA 18’s World Cup mode features the Iceland ‘Viking’ clap celebration

We'll be seeing a lot of this during the summer

Wayne Farry

The clap is finally here in digital form

Iceland were the surprise package of 2016’s European Championship in France. You may or may not remember that they actually knocked England out of the competition, despite falling behind in their game against the Three Lions, and gave the hosts a scare in the following round before eventually being eliminated.

During that tournament, the tiny island nation endeared itself to the wider footballing world due to the sheer unlikely nature of their success, their football ethos and – most notably – their utterly bizarre and brilliant clap celebration.

What is the clap celebration, you ask? Well, to put it simply, it is a viking clap which the country’s national team did after every game, as they marched over to their supporters, extended their arms out and moved them back together with pace. You know what a clap is, but if you don’t, watch the video above.

Until now, though, this clap only existed in the real world, in our hearts, minds and our internet. But now, thanks to the good people at EA Sports, the viking clap now exists in a digital capacity.

Specifically, the clap now features in FIFA 18’s World Cup expansion, which was made available for free download this month. The expansion allows you to play as any of the 32 teams competing in the competition this summer, and – ever the sticklers for accuracy – EA have included the clap. Fair play.