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16th Jun 2018

Everyone’s making the same joke about the BBC going off air

"He broke the BBC!"

Wayne Farry

Once is a coincidence, twice is suspicious

It was shortly after France’s 2-1 victory over Australia on Saturday when an odd thing happened on the BBC One broadcast. In the Moscow studio, Mark Chapman hosted as Alex Scott, Phil Neville and Didier Drogba dissected the game.

Then something odd happened. Just as Neville was saying something – probably about how much he hates VAR but feels it should be used in games – the feed cut out, gifting our screen with the technical difficulty screen which we have come to know and love.

It returned to normality, but then, it happened again, once again when Neville was in the middle of speaking.

What on earth was going on? Did Donald Trump accidentally press the red button while trying to change the channel on his TV? Had there been a Royal death which required national attention?

Well, if the United Kingdom’s social media users are anything to go by, there was only one reason, and they’re fairly certain of it.