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Euro 2020

29th Jun 2021

Prince George melts hearts singing the anthem at footy

Kieran Galpin

Prince George dominates Twitter with Euros appearance

Though booing filled the stadium on more than one occasion, there was a touching moment from way up in the stands. Prince George, son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, was seen singing the national anthem on camera.

At seven years old, Prince George is one of the most notable kids on the planet. Without even realising it, he is constantly in the spotlight. But that has served him in this instance, as the camera at the Euros caught him singing the national anthem with his parents.

Imagine the pressure at seven years old and the camera is on you, eagle eyes fans deciding whether you know the words to the national anthem. After all, your great-grandmother is the queen in the lyrics!

“Looks like he doesn’t know the words,” writes one user on Twitter.

While most people seem to be congratulating the young prince on joining in, others are concerned over his choice of attire. Would it really have been so bad if the family wore England shirts? We sure know Harry would have!

“Could they not have got the wee lad an England shirt?” another Twitter user asks.

“So darn cute this young lad, God save the Queen,” writes another.

Also spied in the stacks by the cameraman is none other than football legend David Beckham, David Baddiel, and singer Ed-Sheeran, clad in his own England shirt. Perhaps Sheeran could lend his to George?