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30th May 2024

Dutch FA propose five major rule changes that will change football forever

Callum Boyle

Dutch FA

Football could have a different look to it

The Dutch FA have proposed a series of rule changes that could give football a very different look.

Names such as Arsene Wenger have tried to call for change on many occasions, including alterations to the offside rule while the introduction of VAR has been controversial to say the least.

It now seems that the Dutch FA are on the same wavelength as Wenger and have published a list of five rule changes they would like to see implemented.

The five rule changes the Dutch FA want to see

Firstly, the Dutch FA would like to see throw-ins replaced by kick-ins.

They would also like to see sin bins introduced – something that has been discussed by the International Football Association Board. It’s also been met with plenty of backlash amid its proposal.

Additionally, they would also like to see self passes from free-kicks and flying substitutes that would essentially allow a manager to make as many changes as they’d want during a game.

Their final suggestion is to push for two 30-minute halves instead of the usual 45. In order to ensure a guaranteed 60 minutes were played, they want the clock to be stopped any time there’s a substitution or the ball goes out of play.

While they believe it will make the football experience better as a whole, it seems that they’re in the minority.

“The Dutch FA need to self-pass themselves into the sin bin,” said one person.

Another wrote: “Net playing time and that’s in. We’ve tried kick ins, sin bins and flying (rolling) subs, none work.

“Just leave football alone,” said a third.

A fourth commented: “Most, if not all of these, have been trialled before and been unsuccessful.”

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