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12th Aug 2022

Barnsley look to terminate sponsorship deal after homophobic tweets

Callum Boyle


The deal had only been announced last week

WARNING: This article contains offensive language 

Barnsley are looking to terminate their sponsorship deal with a cryptocurrency site following an investigation into discriminatory and abusive social media posts.

The League One club announced a sponsorship with last week but are now seeking ways to end the agreement after the club’s supporters’ trust voiced their concerns over a number of online posts which are believed to be connected to the company.

A Twitter account, which goes by the handle of @KuqiCouture, posted tweets such as: “F*** those fake Sandy Hook kids” and “Telling the world to stay indoors is easier than telling a thirsty gay not to stick it in a diseased rectum.”

A Tweet from another account, @yashdeep369, said: “Shut up. You’re gay and stop taking twitter seriously.”

Both accounts were tagged by HEX’s Brent Morrissey as names that helped to complete the deal between the company and the Yorkshire club.

HEX’s founder, Richard Hart, also tweeted back in 2017: “What are the public voting results of gay rights in Saudi Arabia? Execution by throwing from high place, I think?”

Barnsley released a statement on Tuesday confirming that they would be investigating the posts before releasing a further update on Friday.

It said: “Barnsley Football Club value our fans and our core beliefs above everything else.

“Following recent events and a subsequent investigation, the club has assessed its relationship with its front of shirt sponsor and has taken steps to end that relationship with immediate effect.

“The logo will not appear on the team’s kits going forward. Further comment will be issued in due course.”

Morrissey himself released a statement on social media on Wednesday in which he claimed the two accounts were not connected to Hex in any way.

He said: “It has come to my attention that a number of tweets of homophobic nature made by 2 members of the HEX community have surfaced.

“Whilst I do not condone any form of homophobia, it is important to recognise that the tweets were made by 2 people not associated with the HEX & Barnsley F.C. sponsorship deal in any official or legal capacity.

“I would like to build bridges and create a partnership that does good for the club & fans but also for the people of Barnsley. We are open to suggestions as to how to work in harmony,” he added.

“I would also like to say that the sponsorship deal has been paid upfront & in full. I hope to continue working with Barnsley F.C. & help make this season one to remember positively. Come on, you reds!”

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