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24th Jun 2022

Crawley Town make third kit available only to fans who buy NFT

Callum Boyle

Crawley Town NFT

Absolutely crazy

Crawley Town will become the first team in English football to launch an NFT-only style football kit.

The club are owned by WAGMI United – an American investment group that want to use crypto and NFTs to bring in new revenue streams to the club as they try to earn multiple promotions to the top of the English footballing pyramid.

As reported by inewsthe League Two side are set to confirm the launch on Friday, when they will make their third kit available to fans who invest in their NFT scheme, which will launch in July.

Crawley Town NFT

“Last season the club sold two different kits in the club shop. That will be the same for this season but on top of that, a third kit will be sold via NFT,” Crawley co-owner Preston Johnson explained.

“It will be an exclusive shirt you can get if you have an NFT and then there will be two options – for those that are local or ordering online either in the UK or our American or overseas friends. It hits the spot where we think it will be extremely profitable for the club, the way we’re doing this.

“We hope the announcement gets some good attention and positivity. We think the fans will be really excited by what we announce.”

The NFTs that the club will announce next month will also act as virtual season tickets for fans who purchase outside of the country as they plan to grow their fanbase worldwide.

Those who invest in the NFTs will also be given privileges such as being offered a chance to have their say on how the club is run. One idea being explored is the possibility of allowing investors to have their say on how the transfer budget is spent. No doubt they’ll be asking for Lionel Messi.

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