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21st Sep 2020

Ball boy hilariously trolls opposition player in Hungarian Cup match

Footage has emerged of a ball boy trolling an opposition player during a Hungarian Cup match at the weekend. His team were losing 3-0 at the time

Alex Roberts

Jose Mourinho has reportedly lodged a bid for the youngster

Footage has emerged of a ball boy hilariously trolling an opposition player during a Hungarian Cup match at the weekend.

The game in question saw third-tier Csepel host second-tier Soroksár in the first round of the Hungarian Cup, with the latter firm favourites to go through to the next round.

This proved to be the case as Soroksár won 3-0, scoring all their goals before half time.

Csepel managed to claw back a degree of respect, but they didn’t have any of their players to thank for that. It was instead the work of the ball boy.

With his side trailing the visitors 3-0, the youngster went to hand the ball to an opposition player when it had gone out for a throw in. Only to chuck it on the floor instead.

If that wasn’t funny enough, the young kid, clearly annoyed his team were losing, then trudged off with a serious attitude.

It’s a wonder a coach such as Jose Mourinho hasn’t hired him yet.

Of course, this won’t be the first time a ball boy has interfered in play to wind up the opposition.

Who can forget the time Eden Hazard was sent off in 2013 for kicking a ball boy in a League Cup encounter between Swansea and Chelsea?

Chelsea were 2-0 down on aggregate going into the second leg at the Liberty Stadium. The ball had gone out for a goal kick when Swansea ball boy Charlie Morgan decided to sit on it to waste time.

Hazard, eager to get his team back in the game, tried to retrieve the ball from underneath Morgan, but was adjudged to have kicked the ball boy instead.

It later transpired that Morgan was a son of a Swansea board member.

Back in 2016, former Everton midfielder Tim Cahill scored for Melbourne City against Central Coast Mariners in the A-League. As he headed for the corner flag to perform his trademark celebration, the Mariners ball boy simply pulled the corner flag away.