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16th Oct 2023

Alisha Lehmann claims ‘very well known’ celebrity offered her $110k for one night together

Alisha Lehmann

Lehmann even kept the receipts

Aston Villa’s Alisha Lehmann has revealed that a “very well known” celebrity once offered over £100,000 for them to spend the night together.

Although she didn’t name and shame, Lehmann said that she had kept the receipts from the proposal and even admitted that the celebrity in question had messaged her bodyguard after the striker rejected their advances.

While featuring as a guest on DirTea Talk podcast with Shirin David, the 24-year-old opened up on the incident that took place in Miami.

She said: “I got a message on my mobile, which I didn’t reply to, but the same person then messaged the bodyguard looking after me.”

Lehmann then added that the two had met in-person before they made the rude offer.

Recalling the incident, Lehmann said: “The message said: ‘I will pay Alisha 100,000 Swiss francs to spend a night with her.

“But my answer was – no way! And just 100,000?

“The crazy thing is that I still have his message on my phone. It is a bit stupid.”

When pushed to reveal a name, the Swiss international refused to make it public.

“Is it from a footballer? I cannot reveal his name,” she teased, “But he is very, very well known on an international level.”

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