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08th Jun 2018

A preview of the Paddy Power CONIFA World Football Cup final

If there's one match you should be watching this weekend, it's this

Wayne Farry

The Paddy Power CONIFA World Football Cup has been a special tournament

As we reach the final match of the tournament it seems appropriate to have a little look back and soak it all in. What a tournament it has been, and what a time we have had throughout.

The Paddy Power CONIFA World Football Cup has been a resounding success, and we are sad to see it end. Despite this, we are eagerly awaiting the final.

The Northern Cyprus squad caused a bit of consternation at Carshalton Athletic, as their staff and fans flooded the pitch at full time, singing and dancing, celebrating wildly – while stadium staff desperately tried to get them off the prized 3G surface because they weren’t wearing the appropriate footwear.

They go into the final as favourites, with their huge following – they took more than 1,300 fans to their group stage fixture with Tibet – meaning that Saturday’s final is likely to sell-out.

Final opponents Karpatlaya were cheered on by their own breed of ultras, who released smoke bombs in their celebrations. Though some attendees were less die-hard – one bystander, named Atilla, revealed that he was cheering for BOTH teams in the semi final, as they are both based in Hungary. It was truly a win-win match for Atilla.

With all of this in mind, surely – SURELY – you will want to watch the final. We’ll be doing exactly that, and we’ll be doing it at Paddy Power’s Facebook page. You should do the same.