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03rd Nov 2021

UEFA confirm Felipe red card was for foul, not ignoring the referee

Callum Boyle

UEFA have clarified the situation

Atletico Madrid had the worst half imaginable as they found themselves 2-0 behind and down to 10 men against Liverpool on Wednesday.

Already two down courtesy of Diogo Jota and Sadio Mane’s goals, any hopes of salvaging anything were all but ended when Felipe was sent off for Diego Simeone’s side.

Felipe had cynically brought Mane down to stop a Liverpool counter and looked set to be booked for his troubles. However, referee Danny Makkelie gave the Brazilian a red card after he blatantly ignored Makkelie’s calls to come and speak to him three times – or at least that’s what we thought.

Felipe’s teammates were clearly confused by the decision, with several protesting in the immediate aftermath.

With many assuming it had been shown for dissent, UEFA later clarified it was not for Felipe’s ignorance, but for the challenge on Mane.

On first glance, it looked like nothing more than a yellow card in all honesty. A late challenge yes, but not one worthy of an instant dismisaal.

At first, there was talk that the sending off was given for dissent towards the Makkelie after Felipe was seen blatantly ignoring the referee’s calls to come over three times.

There is genuine proof to back up that this could have been a legitimate reason to send him off, with an official rule stating that a red card can be given for: “failing to cooperate with a match official e.g. ignoring an instruction/request from an assistant referee or the fourth official.”

Whether the reasonings UEFA gave are the actual thoughts of the referee remains to be seen, but if it is for dissent, it checks out.