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28th Oct 2016

Fans love Peter Crouch’s offer to recreate Cristiano Ronaldo pose

Would he be getting a spray tan as part of the deal?

Tom Victor

We might not have seen much of Peter Crouch on the pitch of late, but he’s certainly keeping fans entertained in other ways.

His dance moves captivated us over the summer, and while he’s not getting game time for Stoke City, he’s enjoying being part of the action on FIFA 17.

The England international’s sideline in wisecracks is nothing new, of course. Who can forget the time he accused Luis Figo of photobombing him, or his reaction to one fan’s unfortunate tattoo promise.

Well, it seems the veteran striker has been at it again as he waits to add to his one Premier League start this season.

On Friday afternoon, Cristiano Ronaldo posted a typically smouldering photo of himself, with as short a caption as possible, as he is wont to do.

Now, Crouch may be approaching the end of his career, and he may be better known for his dancing than his photoshoots, but you may remember the comment from him back in the day that if he wasn’t a footballer he’d be…a virgin.

The 35-year-old is happy to poke fun of himself, and so it proved with his response to Ronaldo’s tweet.


Football fans across the globe tend to love Crouch’s brand of self-deprecating humour, and so it proved with their replies to the striker.

Some suggested extra elements to the photoshoot.

Even one of his Stoke teammates got in on the act.

While one photoshop genius did some of his work for him.

Now, we’re not sure how many retweets Crouch is demanding before he goes ahead with the recreation, but surely he can’t be too far off the magic number.

The football world is waiting with bated breath.

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