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18th Mar 2017

Everyone’s taking the piss out of Arsenal fans with a third plane banner

This is getting plane ridiculous

Nooruddean Choudry

Who cares about what’s happening on the pitch when this is going on in the skies?

A group of Manchester United fans may have started the football protest plane craze with their roundly mocked ‘WRONG ONE – MOYES OUT’ signage in a few years go, but credit to Arsenal’s following for blowing that particular effort out of the water with comical scenes of their own at West Brom on Saturday.

Firstly we were witness to an anti-Wenger airborne message reading: ‘NO CONTRACT #WENGER OUT’…

Then there was a counter argument at altitude with a banner reading: ‘IN ARSENE WE TRUST #RESPECTAW’…

After getting over the initial shock of such breathtaking scenes at the early kickoff, the internet responded to the real-life Twitter spat (hashtags and all) with a few photoshopped ideas of their own.

The quality of execution may be mixed, but there’s some absolute classics here. And we’re not ruling out a real life third banner just yet…