England fans clash with police in Seville ahead of Spain game 1 year ago

England fans clash with police in Seville ahead of Spain game

Footage has emerged showing England fans being dispersed by police ahead of Monday's game against Spain in Seville

The Mirror report that riot police intervened as England supporters vandalised cars during  a 'drink-fuelled night of anti-social behaviour' in the Andalusian capital - some of them allegedly kicking wing mirrors off parked vehicles. It is also claimed another English fan was filmed throwing a glass at a passing car in the city's centre.

The sound of shattering glass can be heard in the footage below - posted on Twitter - which also shows the moment riot police approached a group of English supporters, firing warning shots in an attempt to gain control over the situation. Although this initially causes some of the supporters to run in the opposite direction, others are soon seen heading towards the police, some carrying chairs from a nearby street cafe.

Despite the emergence of the footage, there are currently no reports of any arrests, though local media has condemned the behaviour of the visiting supporters.

British police say they have a team of their own officers working alongside their Spanish counterparts to deal with the situation.

Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts, Britain's top football police officer, said anyone that is arrested will non only face charges in Spain, but also a potential football banning order when they return to the United Kingdom.

"They will be gathering intelligence, and anyone seen to be misbehaving could not only face being arrested and charged for offences in Spain, they could also be subject to a football banning order on their return to the UK," he is  quoted as saying by The Mirror.