Dear Gareth... What England fans want to say to Southgate 10 months ago

Dear Gareth... What England fans want to say to Southgate


English football has rarely seen a night like last night. A close-to-full Wembley Stadium rocked with the sound of Neil Diamond as England's men put the ghosts of the past to bed and reached a major tournament final for the first time in 55 years.


This has been a tournament delayed, and a summer of enormous emotion, ranging from unbridled optimism to reactionary criticism; all leading to Wembley and Italy on Sunday.

The one undeniable truth out of the last three-and-a-bit weeks of football is this: Gareth Southgate knows what he's doing and deserves total trust from the English public.

Yes, his selection and tactics against Scotland were questionable, but England are now in a final having displayed a level of game management and savvy not shown by the Three Lions in the modern age.


With that in mind, we asked our followers what they would say to Gareth Southgate now if he were standing right in front of them.

A recurring theme was apologies for doubting Southgate at any point; proof of the job he has done this summer and over the past few years in building the team spirit he has


Another was a common recognition from supporters that their complaints during the tournament were misguided and that, perhaps, they should've believed him all along



Above all, though, were a large contingent who thanked Southgate for what he has done for the country, for its people and for national identity at a time when so many of the country's leaders are, well, awful

Last but not least, a sentiment we can all agree with