David Moyes claims VAR is 'almost as bad as Brexit' 3 years ago

David Moyes claims VAR is 'almost as bad as Brexit'

Much like Brexit, VAR, it turns out, is not the solution to our problems

What do you make of VAR, then? Personally, I'm not a fan. While it is well intentioned, or at least is made out to be, as football's governing bodies try to make the game as fair as possible, I think it's fair to say the system's implementation has not exactly gone to plan.


It was meant to clear up debate, erase clear cut errors and make the game we all love more of a level playing field. However, much like Brexit, it has not panned out how people had hoped, but caused more division among an already tribalistic society.

Former Manchester United and Everton manager David Moyes compared the two while speaking on beIN Sports as a pundit.

Addressing the issue that only half the quarter-final games in the FA Cup had VAR available, Moyes said: "I don't think everyone in the UK is totally convinced by VAR.


"I think we're taking too long to make the decisions, I don't think we're quite sure when it comes around," the Scot explained.

"When you see mistakes it's easy to say 'let's get VAR in and let's make the decisions' but I think we've actually seen a lot of decisions with VAR we don't think are correct.

"I think it's really mix- it's nearly as bad as Brexit at the moment in the UK," Moyes said with a chuckle, alluding to the polarising opinions that it has provoked.