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04th Oct 2016

16 things that Danny Simpson’s frustrated and cryptic tweet might mean

If only he'd given us a clue.

Tom Victor

If you were Danny Simpson, you’ve probably had a pretty great last 12 months.

The former Manchester United right-back won the Premier League with Leicester City last season, making 30 appearances as the Foxes secured the unlikeliest of trophies.

He has been a regular this season too, at least in the league, although Luis Hernández has been preferred in the Champions League so far.

But in the early hours of Tuesday morning, something seemed to be troubling the defender, as evidenced by this tweet.


What could have possessed Simpson to share that message at 2:53 a.m.?

Something was up, but what was so important that he felt the need to share the message in question in the middle of the night?

We’ve got a few potential reasons for it all.

1. He’d forgotten his Netflix password and couldn’t watch the new Amanda Knox documentary which he’d been waiting ages to get stuck into.


2. He’d just remembered that pint of milk in the fridge needed to be finished yesterday and now it was wasted.


3. His laptop restarted just after he’d fallen asleep, playing that really loud start-up noise and waking him up.


4. He was really missing Dave Nugent, and was admitting he still hadn’t got over him moving to Middlesbrough last year.


5. He’d just remembered his favourite pizza restaurant took that chicken and roasted vegetables pizza off the menu because no one else was ordering it.


6. He’d started watching Toy Story 3 but couldn’t get to the end without crying.


7. He was reading JOE’s story about that guy who got ‘Chat Shit, Get Banged’ tattooed on his arse cheek and dying of laughter.


8. He had flashbacks to kids at school calling him ‘Homer’. It still hurts.


9. He was trying to remember how to pronounce the name of former teammate Ritchie De Laet. Is it like ‘delight’? ‘delay’? ‘de late’?

Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier LeagueRoss Kinnaird/Getty Images

10. He was trying to remember who Ritchie De Laet played for now.


11. He’d tried putting up that shelving unit from Ikea after waiting for weeks, but it was really a two-man job.


12. He was trying to work out who would play him in the Jamie Vardy film.


13. It was October 4 and he’d realised he’d forgotten to wake up Green Day.


14. He’d just learned about that 13-year-old who played for Celtic’s Under-20 side and was musing on the futility of life.

15. He was trying to remember the name of those old chocolate bars with chewy fruit flavoured stuff on the inside. Why don’t they make those any more?


16. He was frustrated at England caretaker manager Gareth Southgate picking Glen Johnson ahead of him, and then opting for Michael Keane when Johnson withdrew through injury. That one sounds a bit far-fetched, though.

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