Danny DeVito delivers message of support for Arsenal at National Television Awards 2 years ago

Danny DeVito delivers message of support for Arsenal at National Television Awards

Danny DeVito loves the Gunners

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Star Danny DeVito is an international treasure.


The septuagenarian actor has for a long time been loved by everyone who knows him and, whether it’s responding to fans online or issuing his support for progressive causes, seems like an all-around nice guy.

DeVito is currently in the United Kingdom and on Tuesday night appeared at the National Television Awards, where he was presenting an award.

Being the star that he is, he decided against merely handing out the award without saying anything, and instead decided to leave his own indelible mark on proceedings.

He did so by announcing that he much going on during his time in England, and that part of his plans was to go and see an Arsenal match, saying: "I've got a big week, this week - it's really nice to be here - I've got an Arsenal game on Friday."

This announcement was poorly received, as the crowd booed what was a very innocent statement.

The incredibly short actor then doubled down and said he was going to go to “try outs” and audition for Petr Cech’s job, which itself was received by near total silence, bar a couple of boos. It was weird.


"Wait a minute, wait a minute," he said. "I'm going to the try outs on Saturday... I'm gonna get Petr Cech's job. The goalie."

Realising that this was not the sort of crowd which would join him in his love for the Gunners, DeVito evidently thought ‘I really don’t care’ and shouted “Go Arsenal!” before moving on and doing what he came to do.

It was all very weird. And brilliant.