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19th Nov 2015

Dana White confirms that Conor McGregor DID ask to fight Urijah Faber in Dublin

What could have been

Darragh Murphy

Things got heated in Dana White’s office at The Ultimate Fighter gym.

As the UFC president considered his decision on which of the nine fighters to eliminate from the show, coaches Conor McGregor and Urijah Faber barely let their boss get a word in edgeways.

McGregor insisted that he had asked Dana White to set him up with Faber for UFC Fight Night 76 in Dublin last month but that request was turned down.

McGregor On the Brink 1

“Let’s match me up with this motherf*cker,” McGregor said on the latest episode of TUF. “I asked them long before this show. I said: ‘Give me this motherf*cker in Dublin. He’s spoke many times about my native country, I’ll kill him on home soil as a warm-up for the Aldo fight.’

“But they wouldn’t do it. They wouldn’t sacrifice your old ass for a fight.”

As the back-and-forth continued, McGregor asked White to confirm that he had indeed asked for the Faber fight.

Faber Ludwig

“Dana, tell him what I said,” McGregor requested.

“I did,” White responded. “I know. He wanted to fight you.”

So now we know that it wasn’t just bravado and that Conor McGregor really did step up in an attempt to headline his second Dublin show in as many years but we can’t say we blame the UFC for seeing reason by not matching this pair up at this point in time.