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06th Mar 2017

Conor McGregor was pivotal in Eddie Alvarez fulfilling his dream, but he’s not exactly happy about it

"I'm not any happier of a man"

Ben Kiely

Conor McGregor let out the dog in Eddie Alvarez, filled his bowl to the brim, but he’s still hungry.

During his walk around Kensington with Ariel Helwani, Alvarez explained that he had a dream board that helped him visualise and fulfill his dreams.

At that time, the Underground King had already been the champion of pretty much every promotion he had ever fought for, including the UFC, having only just knocked out Rafael dos Anjos to claim the sport’s top prize.

He had just about everything checked off his career bucket list, except for one thing. He wanted to fight for a million dollars.

“I put my kitchen on there, I put my ranking, I said I wanted to fight for a million dollars… which hasn’t happened yet, but I think we’re touching the surface soon.”

According to the disclosed salaries for the event, McGregor raked in a whopping $3,590,000, taking into account his show money, performance bonus and Reebok sponsorship payment. That’s not taking into account the pay-per-view points or back-room bonuses he may have received.

Alvarez only took home $540,000 between the show money and the sponsorship, but he revealed on Monday’s MMA Hour that he got his dream payday of a cool million.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s checked off. I’m not any happier of a man because of the way the fight went, but yeah, that’s a bucket list checked.”

However, although everything on the old board has been ticked, he’s used his time off after fighting McGregor to draw up new goals. Although he’s already achieved a payday that most MMA fighters could only dream of, he’s still hungry. Losing to McGregor via second round knockout has only added more pangs to that gulit.

“I think what happened more than anything was I needed to set more goals. I needed to take this time to sit back and reflect, spend this time with my family and sit down and set some new goals that I can reach for and get excited about.”

“I was setting goals and I was checking them off one by one. I looked down one day and I had everything that I asked for, so I started to ask for more things.”


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