Conor McGregor couldn't help but react to controversial Golovkin-Canelo result 4 years ago

Conor McGregor couldn't help but react to controversial Golovkin-Canelo result

Conor McGregor was always going to have something to say about the Genaddy Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez fight.

We've been over the Money Fight for a while now, but if you can, cast your minds back to the build-up to Conor McGregor's professional boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather.


Generally speaking, boxing fans hated the match-up. They saw it as a circus act, a freakshow, a cash-grab. They saw it as an unnecessary distraction in a great year for boxing. A year where a new heavyweight champion had been crowned, where we had seen two of the pound-for-pound greats in Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev engage in two wars and the same year when the best middleweight in the world would be crowned.

A lot of the detractors of the fight claimed that McGregor had stolen the thunder of the real fight of 2017 - the bout between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez. Then the fight actually took place, and while it was a phenomenal display of the fistic arts, the result left a sour taste in a lot of mouths.

Most people had Golovkin winning the fight, but only one of the judges on the night saw it that way. While the 114-114 card is defendable, judge Adalaide Byrd scoring the fight 118-110 in favour of Canelo really isn't. Not even the most hard-nosed Canelo fan could argue that their guy was that dominant in a fight that he spent largely on the back foot.


Once the dust had settled on both the big boxing bout and the UFC card in Pittsburgh, Conor McGregor pounced with his response the controversy. Although it was concise, it was a very accurate summation of what transpired on the night, and of the sport in general.

You're not going to find us arguing with that. Tis a mad game, indeed.