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14th Apr 2017

Ian Wright brings up Ulrika Jonsson in ugly Twitter spat with Stan Collymore

Wow. He actually went there.


Kelvin MacKenzie has been suspended with immediate effect following comments made in a column about Everton’s Ross Barkley on Friday.

MacKenzie compared Everton’s Ross Barkley, whose grandfather was born in Nigeria, to a gorilla in the article,  also describing the 23-year-old as ‘thick’ and ‘one of our dimmest footballers’.

As well as this, he also suggested that men from Liverpool who earned similar ‘pay packets’ to that of Barkley were drug dealers.

Naturally, the column has prompted a furious response, eventually leading to The Sun confirming MacKenzie’s suspension via a statement.

Stan Collymore, who left talkSPORT radio shortly after they were bought by The Sun’s parent company, News Corporation, was one of many to be outraged by the content of the article.

Of the comparison between Barkley and a gorilla, Collymore tweeted that it was ‘implied racism at its finest’, before asking Ian Wright, a man who has written for The Sun, for his thoughts on the matter.

At this stage, Wright did not respond to Collymore – who he played alongside for England during the 1990s.

Collymore later tweeted the following…

Before quoting this Ian Wright tweet condemning MacKenzie with nothing but a laughing face emoji.

Wright then replied to Collymore, taking a swipe at his claims that he produced ‘award-winning radio’ while at talkSPORT before claiming that his tweets on MacKenzie were merely to make him sound relevant.

Collymore replied with this…

Drawing criticism from some of those that saw it…

Prompting Wright to respond with this, a reference to an incident which Collymore attacked then girlfriend Ulrika Jonsson.

Probably not the last we’ll hear of this one…