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20th Mar 2017

Chris Sutton got into a heated Arsene Wenger debate on BBC radio

"13 years of failure, and it's getting worse"

Robert Redmond

“13 years of failure, and it’s getting worse.”

Chris Sutton could probably get on Arsenal Fan TV with lines like this.

The former Blackburn Rovers and Celtic striker was on BBC Radio 5 Live on Monday night, and didn’t hold back when discussing Arsene Wenger.

Wenger is experiencing arguably the most testing period of his 20 year reign as Arsenal manager.

The Gunners crashed out of Europe to Bayern Munich, losing 10-2 on aggregate, and are 19 points behind Premier League leaders Chelsea.

Alexis Sanchez also looks increasingly unlikely to sign a new contract, and Mesut Ozil could follow him out of the club in the summer.

The fans are restless, with some paying for a plane to fly a banner over Saturday’s match against West Brom, urging Wenger to leave. Meanwhile, the team put in another meek performance in the 3-1 loss at the Hawthorns.

Wenger is reportedly determined to stay-on as manager, and said he will make an announcement soon. But Sutton reckons he’s like “an uncle who doesn’t want to leave the party.”

He also likened the Frenchman to a “dictator” during a heated debate on Monday night with John Collins, the former Celtic and Fulham midfielder.

Sutton began by calling Wenger “selfish” and claimed that the last 13 years at the club have been a “disaster.”

Collins attempted to make a case for Wenger, but Sutton wasn’t having any of it.

Sutton said also Wenger wants to “surround himself with ‘yes’ men,” and that has been his downfall.

Collins, once again, tried to play devil’s advocate, and said that Sutton isn’t privy to what goes on behind the scenes at Arsenal.

Sutton said the proof was out on the pitch.

“He’s taking the club backwards. They have just accepted mediocrity,” Sutton said.

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