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19th Jul 2016

Chesterfield fan’s detailed account of embarrassing club raffle debacle is absolutely batshit


Ben Kiely

Chesterfield FC held a club raffle recently and it did not go so well.

According to a statement from director and company secretary Ashley Carson, the competition to see which supporter would win a place on their preseason tour of Hungary had four entrants. The only problem is, none of these supporters won the prize.

It was discovered that the winning entry was not legitimate and the information supplied to the communications office about the winner was falsified. The club are now reviewing the very strange case, but Chesterfield supporter Jonno Turner has given a very detailed account of what he claims happened in the bizarre situation.

According to Turner, after the raffle received so few entries and was deemed to be a failure, there was an attempt to sweep it under the carpet and just ignore its existence. However, the club supporters tried to keep it alive through the power of the internet.

Chesterfield twitter

Unsurprisingly, this James Higgins character didn’t actually claim his prize… and that’s when things started getting even weirder.

Chesterfield twitter 1

Chesterfield twitter 2

Chesterfield twitter 3

Chesterfield twitter 4

Would the real James Higgins please stand up?

No, not you.