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08th Nov 2015

Chelsea are using Whatsapp to connect the clubs many loaned-out players


It’s become well known in recent years that Chelsea like to loan out a player or two.

That’s certainly still the case with 34 Chelsea players currently farmed out from the Stamford Bridge club.

One of those loanees is Patrick Bamford, who is currently with Crystal Palace.

The 22-year-old has revealed that the club is making use of WhatsApp to connect their many loan players.

“We’ve actually got a Chelsea loan WhatsApp group,” he said when speaking at the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

“The loan department set it up and allowed people in. Sometimes it drains your battery when everyone is messaging each other. We always keep in contact and then you have your close friends that you speak to.

 “If someone does something special at the weekend one of the computer technology guys from the loan department will send it all out after the weekend.”

After their motherclub’s dismal start to the season, we’re sure this WhatsApp group will make some very interesting reading.