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24th Nov 2015

Championship footballer helps young fan hit by car an hour after being sent off

Kevin Beirne

Brentford’s Harlee Dean rushed to the aide of a young fan who was knocked down just over an hour after he was shown a red card in his side’s 2-1 win over Nottingham Forest.

The 24-year-old was walking home from the stadium on Saturday when a fan was knocked down by a passing car. Dean quickly ran back to the team’s changing rooms and grabbed team doctor Matt Stride, who stayed with the boy until an ambulance arrived.

But the Brentford skipper’s quick thinking after witnessing the accident means the eight-year-old fan is expected to make a full recovery after being brought to West Middlesex Hospital.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Dean said: “I was just walking home as that is my route and saw a few fans outside the pub. Suddenly there was a screech and then a bang, following by the sound of the kid crying.

“I saw the child on the floor and immediately sprinted back to the ground. The Forest team were just boarding their coach and I shouted ‘is there a doctor on board?’ But they didn’t travel with one. So I ran back into the changing room and got our doctor, Matt, who ran back with me and attended to him.

“Luckily, the ambulance was just pulling up and there were lots of police around. I just wanted to check he was OK but I hear he’s now out of hospital and is hopefully coming to the training ground soon.”

Dean had been sent off in the 70th minute of the match after an apparent elbow on Jonny Williams.