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30th Aug 2017

Chael Sonnen’s most memorable Money Fight moment is hysterically unique

"One minute later, security has him and yells to me"

Ben Kiely

We can guarantee you your stand-out Money Fight moment wasn’t the same as Chael Sonnen’s.

UFC veteran and Bellator star Chael Sonnen got the chance to let his motormouth run as part of ESPN’s broadcast team for the biggest sporting event of 2017.

Depending on where your allegiances lie, there were a few stand-out moments those who tuned in could select. McGregor fans would probably point to that beautifully-timed uppercut in the opening round as their highlight, while Mayweather’s supporters may remember him making good on his promise of a finish most vividly.

As P. Sonnen often does (the ‘P’ stands for ‘perfection’), he took the road less travelled when he was asked this question on the MMA Hour. His moment of the night came after the fight had finished.

“When the show gets over we have a set outside of T Mobile. You’ve got to go up a special elevator and then it’s kind of on a rooftop type deal. Some guy comes up to me up there. He’s dressed in a white shirt and he’s got a bow tie. I thought he was the waiter, for good reason, he looked like a waiter. He came up to me and he grabs me and he says some really nice things and we did a little selfie. It was about a 20-second exchange.”

That exchange went as well as could be expected, but if Sonnen had thought he had seen the last of that gentleman, he was sadly mistaken.

“One minute later, security has him and yells to me, ‘Hey Chael, do you know this guy?’ I look up, it’s the guy in the bow tie and I say, ‘Yeah, I know him,’ and I go back to what I’m doing.

“I then hear security say to him, ‘Oh ok, you’re alright. You’re with Chael. We didn’t know that. Just make sure you stay behind this line.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh wait a minute. I don’t know him like that. He’s not with me. Some guy had snuck up.'”

Realising he had made a blunder, Sonnen immediately called in the heavies. Unfortunately, it was just too late as the man successfully got his few seconds of fame in front of a huge audience.

“So I grabbed security, I pull them aside and I say, ‘Hey, when you asked me a moment ago if I knew that guy, I had just met him. I thought you were like going to introduce me or something. I had just met him.’ At that very moment, the dude rushes the stage, jumps in front of the camera and appears live on ESPN. That’s my most memorable moment.”

We 100% understand why, Mr American Gangster sir.