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03rd Feb 2017

An Arsenal fan’s written and performed a diss track about Wenger outside the Emirates

Arsenal fans will never, ever stop.

Alex Finnis

Why is it always Arsenal?

Because it is, it’s always, always Arsenal. Just the other day everyone was sharing a video of a fan video blogging about his frustration with the team from inside the ground in the middle of the defeat to Watford.

But now they’ve gone even further – an Arsenal fan has written and performed a 45-second rap on the steps outside the Emirates.

It’s actually a pretty well-made video too – with the sound off you might be able to mistake it for any normal music video.

But when you turn the volume up, well you realise it’s a diss track aimed at Arsene Wenger, and his refusal to make the signings a lot of fans have been craving for about a decade.

“We’re the Gunners, but we’re not lurking,” the fan raps. “Stress in my heart but my hairline’s receding.

“In Arsene we trust, when we lost on the first day I swear it was tough.”

He continues to take aim at Wenger for playing Aaron Ramsey in the right wing, and ends by lamenting the infamous £40,000,001 bid for Luis Suarez.

Oh, and there’s a little pop at Yaya Sanogo in there too, for good measure.

Writing the words down doesn’t really do it justice – you’re going to need to watch the video.

If this rap can’t get Wenger to splash out £50+ million on a new world class striker, can anything?