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16th May 2017

17,500 people want Bradley Lowery to present Chelsea with the Premier League trophy on Sunday

Paul Moore

This would be a superb gesture.

Over the last few months, football fans from all over the world were united in their support and admiration for Sunderland supporter Bradley Lowery as his brave battle with neuroblastoma touched everyone.

In recognition of his strength and courage, Bradley has recently won the Child of Courage prize at the recent  our Pride of the North East award. We can’t think of a more deserving winner.

At the present moment, Bradley’s parents have informed the world that their son is “feeling a little better” and despite Sunderland’s recent relegation, we’ve no doubt that Bradley will be celebrating this week because he’ll be turning six on Wednesday.

Given that Bradley is a big football supporter, there has been a growing swell of support for Bradley to be present at Stamford Bridge on Sunday as Chelsea receive the Premier League trophy after their match against his beloved Sunderland.

A recent Facebook and Twitter message by Gary Burgess has gone viral – it has over 15,000 shares, like and comments already – and it’s clear to see why.

Gary says: “Just a thought but I think it would be amazing for Bradley to present the Premier League trophy to Chelsea against Sunderland when we play them.  Let’s get some weight behind this and make it happen”.

Granted, this is an issue for Bradley’s parents and the Premier League to sort out among themselves, but it’s fair to say that the entire football world would love to see this happen.

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