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22nd Dec 2017

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 69

Let's get down to quizness

Rich Cooper

Brought to you by Knowledge is Power.

Here it is. The penultimate JOE Friday Pub Quiz of 2017.

What a wild ride it’s been. We’ve had our ups and downs, haven’t we? Our good times and bad. But let’s hold the sentimentality for New Year’s Eve when we’ve all had a few drinks and feel comfortable enough to share our true feelings: that this is a bloody good quiz and you’re all bloody good quizzers. Sorry, I had a head start on the drinks, there.

Round one this week is Christmas Movies, followed by your faithful servant Sport. Round three is Pop Music, brought to you by Knowledge is Power, the brilliant PlayLink quiz game for PS4, which uses phones as controllers – all the questions are taken from the game.

The picture round is Monuments, and finally round five is General Knowledge, because to be perfectly honest with you, I mentally checked out sometime last week. My brain’s on holiday already. It’s having a lovely time.

Alright then. Let’s have it.

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