Carling and Umbro combine for the football shirt of the summer 5 months ago

Carling and Umbro combine for the football shirt of the summer

In partnership with Carling

10,000 shirts will be available


A summer of sport and beer, is there a better combination? As we all prepare for a busy summer of sport ahead of us, the good people at Carling have partnered with Umbro to give people the chance to win a wonderful prize.

We've all heard of golden tickets, but for Carling, this summer is all about wonderful golden cans.

This is your summer, your team, your Carling - and your golden chance to win one of 10,000 limited-edition football shirts.

Because if you find a golden can you will win a shirt - what do you mean, you say? Well, if you find a golden can in a 10 or 18-pack of Carling, enter a unique code found on each pack on the Carling website, and you will win one of these limited edition shirts.

Yes. All you have to do is buy a pack of UK's most popular lager, and you could be in with a chance of winning a bonafide, lovely football shirt. But not just any football shirt.

Designed by Umbro, the shirt has a retro feel and look befitting the sportswear brand's classic style, and contains a striped ribbed neck collar and sleeve trim, as well as an unexpected Carling twist on Umbro’s iconic sleeve taping.


Evoking the classic football shirts we know and love, Carling and Umbro are coming together to celebrate the fan on the street, the mates watching matches together, the love that we - as a country - have for football.

And not just celebrate, but reward it. All you’ve got to do is find a golden can in promotional packs of Carling, and enjoy the summer of sport we deserve.

Promotional packs of Carling available in stores now.

Two footie icons Carling & Umbro have teamed up to launch this limited edition football shirt. Get your hands on one by picking up a promotional pack and find a golden can. Check out more here #Carling #GoldenChance #FindAGoldenCan