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01st Jun 2024

Rockstar Energy Drink reignites The Friday Night Show in Trafalgar Square with a vibrant performance from Rudimental

In partnership with Rockstar Energy Drink

Charlie Herbert


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One of London’s most iconic landmarks was transformed for the return of the Friday Night Show

Rockstar Energy Drink and UEFA marked the return of the iconic Friday Night Show with a headline performance from Rudimental, where attendees helped to power the microphone and DJ booth with a kinetic dance floor.

On the eve of the Champions League final at Wembley between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund, the Friday Night Show returned for the first time in five years.

Taking place in Trafalgar Square, thousands flocked to the heart of London for the Friday Night Show, as Rockstar and UEFA transformed one of Europe’s most recognisable landmarks into a hub of energy and celebration.

The event was headlined by Rudimental, with the chart-topping group delivering an incredible performance to kick-start the weekend for both music and football fans, encouraging them to press play on what they love to do most.

Their hour-long set – which was supported by kinetic energy generated by dancing fans – featured chart-topping hits such as Feel The Love, Waiting All Night and These Days, in what was something of a London homecoming for the group.

Speaking to JOE about the event, the Hackney-founded quartet said: “We’re super excited to bring back the first Friday Night Show post-covid, with Rockstar Energy Drink, encouraging fans to press play on what they love to do most, and just getting involved in good vibes and energy for the Champions League.

“Football’s been a joint first love for a long time for us alongside music, having grown up playing in the same football teams when we were younger, so it’s nice to have both our loves intertwined and have a moment where we can celebrate both.

“Doing the things you love, that’s what Rudimental’s about.

“Trafalgar Square is such an iconic place. There’ll be tourists here and there’ll be locals here to, there’ll be Londoners and Madrid and Dortmund fans, so it will be a good blend of vibes and energy.”

Attendees helped to power the microphone and DJ booth used within their set, thanks to a kinetic energy-generating dance floor developed by UK tech start-up, Pavegen.

This collaboration forms part of the UEFA Champions Innovate program, which is aimed at addressing modern challenges identified by UEFA and the Greater London Authority for the Champions League Final.

And as the music industry and artists to look for ways to make the industry more sustainable, Rudimental agreed that tech like this was vital for the future.

“The kinetic dance floor is super exciting, it’s going to be powering some of the equipment on stage, and we’re going to be able to do a show with a greener footprint,” the group said.

“These types of technologies are super important and how we can showcase them and spread the word about it is a good thing.

“We all know the world is dying, and how we can help it from an entertainment is really important. Shows and festivals use a lot of energy, so if we can help and have more renewable energy sources while being on stage, it’s a good combo.”

Speaking about the return of the Friday Night Show, Bart LaCount, Vice President of International Beverages Marketing at PepsiCo, stated: “Our partnership with Pavegen not only aligns with our wider PepsiCo Positive sustainability efforts but also echoes Rockstar Energy Drink’s ethos of promoting positive energy.

“Witnessing how we, as an Energy drinks brand, provided the energy and experience for our fans, which was then captured through Pavegen’s technology to fuel music performance, felt like a full, and successful circle.

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with Pavegen in the future, together providing energy to music events throughout the summer.”

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