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20th Jun 2018

JOE’s essential guide to hosting the ultimate barbecue

Kyle Picknell

Brought to you by Jack Daniel’s® Barbecue Sauces

The sun has come out and stayed out for longer than two minutes on this perpetually rainy island ours. It’s time you arranged a barbecue.

So, this is all a bit weird isn’t it? You know, all the heat and the sunshine. Everyone is walking around smiling. Everyone is either completely and irreversibly sunburnt or nicely tanned. We’re actually having a proper summer. We’ve been to the park at least four times. We are somehow experiencing an extended period of good weather when we are meant to be experiencing an extended period of good weather. It’s honestly crazy. We can’t even remember what the wind and rain and snow even felt like, and that can only mean one thing.

It’s time for a barbecue.

Follow these simple steps and give your mates the very best day basking in the glorious, temporary sun they could possibly ever imagine. They deserve it. OK, maybe they don’t deserve it, but let’s do it anyway.

Step 1: The food

OK, you probably could have done this during stage 1, but you will need meat, and not just any meat. Oh no. You’re going to be experimenting today. This isn’t a hamburger and hotdogs affair. No, no, no, no, no. That isn’t what the barbecue, the single greatest invention in the history of mankind, was made for. It was made to take the toughest, fatty, most inexpensive cuts of meat and turning them into something delicious

Everybody loves ribs, for instance, and they are an absolute must for any serious barbecue. Beef or pork, the choice is yours but once again they need to be cooked on a low temperature until the meat is tender and full of flavour. Ribs marinated in Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Honey™ Barbecue Glaze, in particular, are recommended.

Lamb, as well, is a vastly underrated barbecue food. You can make beautiful kebabs out of them that smash anything down your local doner shop out of the park or, if you fancy something a bit more fancy, lamb and spinach flatbread parcels. Whichever cut, we recommend a strong marinade for several hours before cooking to ensure the meat is tenderised and compliment the lamb flavour. A thin piece of lamb breast needs to be cooked hot and fast without burning, something thicker needs more time and to be grilled indirectly. Wowza.

And you can’t forget steak, no barbecue is complete without a great steak. For something simple yet incredibly delicious, you’re going to need to try a barbecue glazed flat iron steak.

Do remember, of course, that it isn’t just meat that can make a good barbecue. Fish, vegetable skewers, halloumi and barbecue baked tofu are all must haves on the grill, especially with the right glaze. With that in mind…

Step 2: Drowning in the Sauce

Just as important are the sauces. This is where we start to get serious. If you really want to give your associates the barbecue of their dreams, you’ll need to pick some of Jack Daniel’s® Barbecue Sauce. They have a choice of Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Honey™ Barbecue Glaze, Jack Daniel’s® Smokey Sweet Barbecue Glaze, Smooth Original Barbecue Sauce and Full Flavor Smokey Barbecue Sauce flavours, so there’s something for everyone. Why not just buy the whole lot?

Ketchup is fine, but it is standard. It is basic. Jack Daniel’s® Barbecue Sauce packs a taste no other sauce can match, especially at a barbecue. And this is no ordinary barbecue, ladies and gentlemen. Look at the quantity and quality of meat you have assembled, for a start. You need a proper sauce. Nay, you need the King of Sauce. So get it, if only for your pork ribs. You will thank me later. Trust me.

Step 3: The Barbecue itself

If you’d like to marinade any of your meats (or fish and halloumi) beforehand, all you need is olive oil, lemon juice and a bit of salt and pepper. Add a few herbs and spices as you see fit (oregano, paprika cumin and garlic especially) and even some red wine or sherry if you’re feeling bold. Cover your food thoroughly, lock it it up in a freezer bag and store in the refrigerator for at least an hour, but preferably overnight so it has enough time to soak up.

After that, it’s time we started to get a bit revolutionary, folks. This is a two-pronged attack, involving both the outdoor barbecue and the oven in your kitchen, because you are a culinary god and anything is possible.

That’s right, we’ll be using both to make sure the food is as good as it can be. You might need a friend to man one, whilst you take control of the other. There is always somebody who MUST stand over the barbecue either trying to burn everything to a crisp or undercook everything. Make sure that person is not involved. Get them to go and sit in the paddling pool while the adults take this on. This isn’t for them.

For the barbecue itself, you want to ensure it is as clean as possible and then as hot as can be, even if you lower the temperature once you begin cooking the meat. Pre-heat the oven, light it up, and let’s get this show on the road.

Step 4: Cooking

So here it is. The main event. What are you serving? Some kebabs or other skewers, along with your typical burger and sausage affair? Wow, you’re really turning heads. This party is really getting started now, isn’t it? Yeah, this is looking a really good barbecue. Really good. I can almost smell it cooking now.

You can’t wait to smother that Jack Daniel’s® Barbecue Sauce all over that meat. But then you hear it.

A drip. Another.

It grows heavier. And heavier. Now your friends are staring at you, aren’t they, and they have their hands above their heads and they’re not happy. They’re not happy at all. The rain is falling quite heavily on their heads. Somehow this is your fault. Somehow this is exclusively your fault. It’s showing no signs of relenting. The British weather has pissed itself down and all over another excellent summer celebration again. You are to blame. You fool. You arrogant fool, thinking you could have a barbecue in England. How dare you.

But you have a plan, don’t you? Well, if you’re the barbecuer I think you are, you do. You have a contingency plan. You’re going to go ahead and start making some Jack Daniel’s® glazed pork buns.

Here’s the recipe, which will serve six of your guests in total and needs to be cooked in the oven for about 30 minutes.

You’ll need to get the oven fired up to 170°C and grab yourself:

  • 500g pre-cooked pulled pork
  • One bottle of Jack Daniel’s® Full Flavor Smokey Barbecue Sauce
  • One pack of pre-made croissant dough (or puff pastry)

Then follow these very important instructions…

  1. With clean hands, place the pre-cooked pulled pork in a bowl and shred.
  2. Mix the pulled pork with half a bottle of Jack Daniel’s® Full Flavor Smokey Barbecue Sauce.
  3. Roll out the dough, cut into four equal squares and lay flat on the work surface. Spread out the pulled pork over the dough, leaving a one-inch gap down the side.
  4. Roll the dough with the pulled pork tightly, and pinch the ends to seal. Cut the rolled dough into one-inch slices, and place on greased baking tray, leaving space for each bun to expand.
  5. Bake at 170°C for 15 – 20 minutes until golden.

Once cooked, remove from oven and allow to cool slightly before drizzling the top of the buns with the remaining Jack Daniel’s® Full Flavor Smokey Barbecue Sauce. And, obviously, serve them warm.

And voilà, your barbecue has been served. Your friends’ clothes are wet but they are – at a very fundamental level – happy. They’re content. They are happy despite the very considerable rain that could potentially have ruined their day. And if you want to make them even happier, you can always serve them some barbecue glazed vegetable steaks and bang bang corn, or barbecue baked tofu or salmon parcels. The world is quite literally your Jack Daniel’s® Barbecue Sauce covered oyster.

Step 5: The aftermath

This is it. You’ve made it. Everyone is well fed, everyone has complimented your cooking, they have loved the pork buns, and now nobody can move.

Ever the caring host, you start (very lightly) clearing away the paper plates and the cups, before people tell you to stop.

“What are you doing?” they ask, “leave that for later.” Put your feet up. Have a drink. The sun is back out.

Make sure you listen to them. You’ve earned this. You’ve done great. You’ve battled against the elements, the people wanting to burn sausages and even all the people coming over and nicking food literally the second you’ve taken it out of the oven.

Now it’s time to relax. Now it’s time to sit in your camping chair with the cup holder in the armrest. Now is the time to enjoy Summer. It won’t be here long. Cheers.

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