Everything you need to take your streaming set-up to the next level 8 months ago

Everything you need to take your streaming set-up to the next level

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There's no getting away from streaming today


Whether its daily YouTube vlogs, streaming games on Twitch, live music streams on Instagram and TikTok, or creating a podcast on your favourite hobby – more and more people are taking up the streaming game.

Knowing which gear to buy to level up your set-up from a regular at-home PC to a streaming and creating masterpiece can be difficult, especially if you're not familiar with the ins and outs of such technology. But that's where Logitech comes in.

Focused on 'innovation and quality', Logitech's streaming line-up are reliable must-haves for your set-up. Logitech is also committed to a sustainable future, both within their brand and in the wider world, so you can help the environment and take your tech to the next level simultaneously.


Grab a notebook because here are the five products you should look to include in your tech and gaming rigs.

Microphone: Blue Yeti

The Blue Yeti microphone is everything you could want in a recording device and more! Due to its flexible pickup patterns, the Yeti can record for any occasion. From music to podcasts, Twitch streaming to YouTube videos, Yeti delivers consistently squeaky clean sound.


Through Logitech's Blue VO!CE software, you can even modulate your voice and apply a wide array of effects on top to stand out amongst other streamers and podcasters. Blue VO!CE is top of the range software that allows streamers to modulate their voice and use HD audio samples to customise their broadcast voice and flex their creativity to enhance their streams and content creation above other streamers.

Webcam: Logitech StreamCam

Logitech Via Logitech

Streaming and recording in full HD 1080p resolution at 60 fps are precisely what this cam does best. It delivers consistently crisp footage to rival that of any other professional; in fact, your favourite streamers and YouTubers probably use this very webcam.

If lighting is a worry for you, then the StreamCam also has a solution for that, thanks to its auto-framing and intelligent exposure that adapts depending on your light quality.

Keyboard: Logitech MX Keys

There's no more hastily searching for your charger when you need to log on, as with ten full days of use on a full charge, this keyboard will see you through whenever inspiration hits.


The functionality of this keyboard is unparalleled, with proximity sensors which light up the keyboard when your hands move close and increased key stability. This is a keyboard that both looks and feels responsive. Its sleek design is held together by a single metal plate, makes it a remarkably solid and durable build for any of your streaming needs.

Mouse: Logitech MX Master 3

The Logitech MX Master 3 is a masterclass in precision. The most advanced Master Series mouse yet, designed for creatives and engineered for coders. The mouse comes with Magspeed Electromagnetic scrolling technology that is 90 per cent faster, 87 per cent more precise, and even quieter than your normal mouse wheel.

This mouse is a work horse that can be customised to specific apps - including Adobe, Word, Zoom, Teams and Powerpoint. The MX Master 3 is a one mouse fits all.

Headset: Logitech G G733

Logitech Via Logitech

If something is going to sit on your head for 10+ hours a day, it needs to be comfortable, delivers quality sound, and, of course, wireless. With four vibrant colours to choose from, the G733 is a lightweight headset that frankly doesn't even feel like you are wearing one.

The wireless connection is flawless up to 20 meters, and the battery lasts for 20+ hours, so there is no getting tangled in a jungle of cables.

If the four colour options don't sell you instantly, the customisable lighting bars should do just that. With 16.2 million colour options, you can program the bars to react to audio output or just match your current mood.

Don't buy from five different companies when you can get all your gear from one trusted provider. All your tech will be compatible and consistent alongside one another, after all, the same people have designed them.

There is a reason Logitech is a leader manufacturer in their sector, and that's because they are at the cutting edge of technology and meet perfectly at the intersection of affordability and quality.