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24th Jun 2018

Big Narstie goes back to school for some Russian language lessons

What's "They think it's all over, it is now" in Russian?

Wayne Farry

Brought to you by 888sport

This is where it gets difficult

In his journey to go from an MC to a truly great football mind, Big Narstie has so far picked up some tips from legendary commentator Barry Davies and learnt all about Russian culture and music with a Russian folk group.

Now, though, as the heat ratchets up on his mission, things are going to get a little more difficult, as Narstie goes back to school for some extremely difficult Russian lessons as part of 888sport‘s Rapper to Reporter challenge.

Such is Narstie’s willingness to get to grips with the culture and history of Mother Russia, that he agreed to take a deep dive into what is considered one of the most difficult languages on earth.

As part of his lesson, Narstie learned a number of football phrases in Russian, such as “They think it’s all over, it is now”, as well as a few numbers.

All in all, it was an informative and educational experience for Narstie, who we are certain will be fluent in no time.