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16th Sep 2021

Pregnant man emoji confirmed as new update finalised

Kieran Galpin

Pregnant man

New emojis alert!

The pregnant man emoji is just one of 37 new emojis that will be implemented across devices in the near future.

Back in July, ahead of world emoji day on July 17, new emojis were proposed by Unicode that included pregnant men. These emojis have now been finalised and it has been confirmed that the pregnant man is one of 37 new emojis due to be released.

The pregnant man is joined by a gender-neutral pregnant person who are both in the same position as the already existing pregnant woman emoji.

Other changes include skin tone variations to the handshake, gender-neutral royalty options, trolls, mirror balls and a melting face.

The proposal from back in July read: “Currently, emojis only depict people assigned female at birth in a role of pregnancy.

“If emojis are designed in a manner to be as inclusive as possible this emoji should present its gender more ambiguously.

“One’s sex does not dictate the capacity to care for children in the home or work in the market.​”

The statement continued to say that gender-ambiguous pregnancy is not something new but frequent throughout history. Instead, technology is just now catching up and is being included in a bid to encourage diversity and inclusion.

The proposal also included input from Jessica Clarke, a law professor at Harvard University, who suggests that, “law could see pregnancy not as something that only happens to women’s bodies, but also as a bodily condition experienced by people who do not identify as women.”

The proposal also confirms that emojis go beyond gender.

“The point is: this emoji isn’t just about gender. This is about understanding how language is fluid and representation of a person with a swollen belly has value as an emoji expression,” continued Clarke, her comments appearing alongside an image of what is assumed to be a man complaining he ate too much Chipotle.

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