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07th Jul 2018

This is how you can get to Russia for England’s World Cup semi-final

The semi-final is on Wednesday, here's how you can get there

Wayne Farry

Everyone wants to be at the World Cup

Most people do anyway. The World Cup is a wonderful event. It is a festival of, foremost, football, but also of culture, entertainment, national pride, friendship, pervy cameramen, hyperbole, anger and joy.

Whatever comes into your mind right now, it’s probably part of the World Cup. Plastic cups? Yeah. Overpriced hot dogs? Yep. Mexican waves? Yessir. You get the gist.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t already made it out to Russia at this stage, it’s very unlikely that you’ll do so in time to see Gareth Southgate’s brave boys play in the World Cup semi-final.

Or is it? No, actually. It’s not. With a fire in your belly and some rubles in your back pocket, anything is possible.

It won’t be easy, mind. It’s not a case of hopping onto the bus outside of your gaff and travelling for a couple of minutes; Russia is much further away than that, but it can be done. This is how.

By the wonder of air travel

If you’re in London, you can travel direct to Moscow for just £262. Add that to the ticket price, which is between £79 and £159, and you’re looking at a trip which will cost you less than a 4K television.

From Manchester you’re looking at a stop-off in Vienna, before a flight to Moscow, also at a fairly reasonable price of £318.

Bear in mind, all of these ticket prices are cheaper than an anytime return train ticket between Manchester and London, so you’ll not be required to sell you house to get there.

In terms of accommodation, you’re unfortunately on your own. The weather is pretty warm in Russia so you could always have a little kip on a park bench or, befriend some fellow travelling fans and sleep on the floor of their Airbnb.