Personality Test: What should you do this weekend? 3 months ago

Personality Test: What should you do this weekend?

Weekends, am I right?

You spend all week looking forward to the weekend, then it arrives and you're suddenly overwhelmed by the endless possibilities it offers. You can do anything this weekend. Anything.

Whatever you decide, it must, at all times, tick three important boxes:

  • Result in a decent Instagram post that will get 20+ likes.
  • Give you something to talk about back in work on Monday morning.
  • Be fun, I guess? If possible?

At this stage in your life, you're running out of ideas. You've done it all. Weekend breaks, tidying your room, tirelessly fighting to prevent chocolate bars from getting smaller whilst still increasing in price. It's exhausting.

Here's where we come in.

Simply answer ten easy questions and your weekend plans shall be revealed. Bone app the teeth!