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15th Aug 2019

QUIZ: Can you identify the ice lolly that’s in black and white?

Ciara Knight

Ice lollies, am I right?

If you’re yet to consume (to completion) an ice lolly this summer, respectfully, what are you playing at?

Stop reading this. Go outside, walk or drive to your nearest convenience store and purchase a big, juicy, flavoursome ice lolly and live your damn life.

There’s no situation that cannot be improved by an ice lolly. Wedding? Ice lollies. Birthday? Ice lollies. Funeral? Ice lollies. Gigantic ship you’re traveling on is after being struck by an iceberg and although it was deemed to be virtually unsinkable, appears to indeed be sinking at an alarming rate? Ice lollies.

Your task is very simple. You must correctly identify the ice lollies that have been transported back to black and white times. Or quite simply, how a dog would see them.

Godspeed and good luck!