UKIP leader gets wound up over spoof 'gender neutral' Greggs tweet 2 years ago

UKIP leader gets wound up over spoof 'gender neutral' Greggs tweet

UKIP leader Gerard Batten vented his outrage on Twitter over plans for Greggs to adopt a 'gender neutral' business model

Unfortunately for the MEP, the revelation of the bakery chain's 'plans' came via a spoof Guardian Twitter account, meaning that the steak beak makers are unlikely to be adopting any such policy.


The spoof account @GuardianMemeWin posted a 'story', "Greggs is to rebrand in a move towards a gender neutral business model following criticism that their name sounds too male".

The parody account regularly lampoons The Guardian's perceived 'right-on' attitude towards social issues.

Other @GuardianMemeWin headlines include "Owen Jones: 'I’ve always had a problem with white people eating rice but I’ve remained silent, until now' and "Theresa May prepares to condemn Saudi by penning a moderately worded letter that details her displeasure at their execution of a journalist".

Apparently the Greggs 'news' got under the skin of the UKIP leader.

In a now-deleted tweet, Batten wrote: "Criticism from who? Probably someone who doesn't buy from Greggs.

"A cheese roll is a cheese roll! When is this madness going to stop? By the way, almost all the staff in Greggs are female. Do they operate a biased recruitment policy?"


In fairness to Batten, he wasn't the only one to fall for the headline, but he was the only leader of a prominent political party to do so.