Tory MPs shout 'Labour member' as Keir Starmer references Tyrone Mings in parliament 11 months ago

Tory MPs shout 'Labour member' as Keir Starmer references Tyrone Mings in parliament

BoJo back peddles

Since the Euros final on Sunday, Black England players and the wider Black community have been subjected to vile racist abuse via social media. Despite words and tweets put out by the Tory Government, the public is unsurprisingly not buying it. Many had criticised prominent Tories like Boris Johnson and Priti Patel for 'stoking the racism fire', most notably when they refused to condemn those who booed during the taking of the knee.


A showdown between Starmer and Johnson occurred when the former asked the latter if his position on "gesture politics" still remained. Johnson said anyone found guilty of online abuse would be reprimanded and banned from football matches.

“You will not be going to the match – no ifs, no buts,” the PM said in the House of Commons.


As Starmer read statements said by the PM himself or through the mouthpiece of a spokesperson, Johnson shook his head. He then called in question Priti Patel's comments about taking the knee, where she referred to it as "that type of gesture politics."

“She’s got this wrong, the whole county knows that, his own MPs know it," Starmer said.

As the Labour party leader talked about Tyrone Mings, the words "Labour party member" were shouted by unnamed tory MPs.

"We made it absolutely clear that no one should boo the England team," said Johnson.


"The fact some tory MP felt that the best reply when discussing a young Black man wanting to express his opinion on racism was "Labour party member" says all you need to know about the state of this Conservative party," writes one user on Twitter.