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26th May 2019

Tories completely wiped out in London at European Elections

James Dawson

The Tories will be crying even more tears tonight

The Conservative party has suffered humiliation at the European elections in London after failing to return a single MEP.

In the eight seats contested in the region, the Liberal Democrats took three – Irina Von Wiese, Dinesh Dhamija, Luisa Porritt, Labour two – Claude Moraes, Sebastian Dance, the Brexit party two – Benyamin Habib, Lance Forman, and the Greens one – Scott Ainslie.

The voting in the capital reflects the overwhelming support for remain at the EU referendum three years ago. The Tories had previously held two London seats in the European Parliament and UKIP one.

A forecast posted to social media by Britain Elects before declarations began suggested that the Brexit Party will take 24 MEP seats, the Lib Dems 15 (up 14), Labour 14 (down six), the Conservatives 10 (down nine), the Greens four (up one), the SNP two (remaining the same) and Plaid Cymru one (remaining the same).

It is thought that turnout at the elections is slightly higher than 2014, with 38 per cent of the public casting their ballot, compared to from 36 per cent last time around.

Overall vote share in London

Liberal Democrats: 27% (+20%)

Labour: 24% (-13%)

Brexit Party: 18% (+18%)

Greens: 12% (+4%)

Conservatives: 8% (-15%)

Change UK: 5% (+5)

Ukip: 2% (-15%)