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01st Jul 2018

The Sun sparks outrage by targeting Leo Varadkar again

It's not the first time that they've targeted the Taoiseach...

Carl Kinsella

It’s not the first time that they’ve targeted the Taoiseach…

The Sun newspaper has lashed out at Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, calling him “gobby,” “patronising,” “pompous” and every name under the sun (pun intended, thank you).

Leo’s great offence was to say during the week that “We’re 27 member states, the UK is one country. We’re 500 million people, the UK is 60 million. That basic fact has to be understood.”

Varadkar has taken a consistent approach towards Brexit negotiations since the beginning of his tenure as Taoiseach, and has remained clear that Ireland will not accept a hard border between north and south. Varadkar has also repeatedly pointed out the seeming lack of consistency and clarity on the UK’s side of things. The Sun don’t like him for that.

Their “The Sun Says…” column went on to say “Gobby Irish PM Leo Varadkar has no idea how much damage he does with every Brexit utterance.”

“A wiser man would have acted as peacemaker, constructively helping both sides  forge a historic deal in all our interests… Instead he chose another role, as the snivelling suck-up egging on the playground bullies.”

We doubt Leo will be losing too much sleep over what The Sun thinks of him. If anything, it probably helps him out.

And it’s not the first time that The Sun has targeted Varadkar. They already told him to “shut his job and grow up” back in November…